Retained Search

kpCompanies specializes in providing exclusive retained search solutions that prioritize inclusivity and diversity. Our commitment to diversity is ingrained in our company’s DNA and is reflected in everything we do, from executive search to candidate readiness. We believe in capitalizing on the most innovative and exceptional talent by embracing diversity and inclusion. Let us assist you in achieving your hiring goals while also promoting diversity in the workplace.

Retained Executive Search

Retained search offers the advantage of engaging specialists to fill your company’s executive position requirements. We excel in attracting top talent and matching them to positions that best suit their skills. This approach offers many advantages, such as exclusivity, access to a wider pool of talent, expert assessment of candidates, and a streamlined recruitment process that saves both time and resources.

Build your leadership team

We recognize the importance of each hire in contributing to your company’s success. Our expertise lies in aligning the best-suited top candidates for managerial and higher-level positions.

A key source for key people

What sets us apart is our extensive network of professionals, ensuring that your company receives key individuals who can drive your business forward while also representing the communities you serve.

Reputable sourcing

Our 30+ years of experience in sourcing top-tier talent have earned the trust of our clients, who rely on us to match their needs with the best-suited candidates.

Candidate assessments available

We provide a comprehensive candidate-matching process, utilizing experienced recruitment leaders. Our in-depth assessments of candidates can be added to retained search agreements.

Areas of practice

We operate across various functional areas to meet your needs effectively, ensuring optimal service delivery. Functional areas include:

Human Resources and Administration

Leveraging our network of human resources and admin specialists and executives, our team consistently delivers top-tier talent for a diverse range of large and small companies.

Operations, Accounting and Finance

As financial recruiters, our primary objective is to identify and secure the top accounting and finance talent that aligns with the specific business needs of our clients.


We keep up with the fast pace of the marketing industry, ensuring that we effectively market your company to the chosen candidate and that they have the skills to promote your business best.


With our background as sales executives and recruiters, we possess valuable insights into both identifying suitable sales leaders and effectively engaging their interest in a position

Information Technology

Our IT sourcing team comprises experts with access to niche specialists, senior leaders, and other top talent.