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We pride ourselves on our inclusive-first approach, deep industry expertise, and a customized search process that ensures a strategic fit between candidates and the unique culture and goals of our clients. Our proactive community engagement and extensive network also set us apart.

kpCompanies specializes in executive search, interim executive placement, board recruitment, and talent pipeline building. We provide comprehensive solutions to identify and secure top-tier leadership talent across various industries.

The process begins with a consultation to understand your organization’s needs and strategic objectives. From there, we tailor a search strategy, conduct extensive market research, and leverage our network to identify and assess candidates. Each search culminates with candidate presentations and support through the final selection and onboarding.

While the duration can vary based on the role’s complexity and specific requirements, most searches are completed within 90 to 120 days from initiation to placement.

We operate across multiple sectors, including accounting and finance, human resources, operations and administration, marketing, legal, board search, information technology, and creative/design industries.

Our process involves deep dives into both the candidate’s background and your company’s culture. We assess leadership styles, personal values, and professional qualifications to ensure alignment with your organizational ethos and goals.

We offer follow-up support to both the client and the candidate to facilitate a smooth transition and successful integration into the organization. This includes regular check-ins and providing advice on best practices for onboarding and performance management.